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Hi, welcome to the Can You Spot A Psychopath testing family

Educational app for Android to teach the general public how to spot the symptoms of the psychopathic neurological disorder. This is not a medical diagnostic tool. It is a layperson’s guide to identifying symptoms of people who may be born with psychopathy, not to be confused with psychosis (hallucination). This app introduces you to the combination of behaviors that is associated with psychopathy, a somewhat hidden neurological condition that is untreatable. Psychopathy is an impairment of the amygdala, orbital frontal cortex, all of the cingulate cortex, parahippocampal area, and insula. Psychopaths have no conscience, little empathy, have self-serving modalities, and can’t love. Due to their lack of conscience, they are more prone to pathological lying and betrayal. They are 4 percent of the population, and more prevalent than people think on the surface. Psychopaths are bewildering to most people because there is little education about them.

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